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WiFi service in the Central Library
Detailed guide

Dear Visitors,

We inform You that WiFi service is really popular with the readers in our library network.

As a new service in the Central Library, it gives you the possibility to surf the internet without our computers.
You can access to the net using your own laptop; wireless card is needed.

Accessibility is provided for registered readers and those who have membership card.
Unlimited free access is provided to the library website.
You can access to Internet within the paid time, using your special password.

If you have any question on the service, please ask the librarians.

HUF 120 / hour -- use of own device
HUF 120 / 30 minutes -- other kinds of use

It is important to mention that the service is available on any occasion you want to use that within the paid time.

Let's see the use of WiFi service step by step:

  • You have to select the library network on your own equipment (laptop, mobile phone etc.)

  • You can access to the website of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library via a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) without a user name / password.

  • You should skip any security notice regarding to the certificate of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library and continue the connecting process.

  • If you want to surf the web, after entering an URL by typing it in the address-bar of your browser, you will be directed to the required surface.

  • There you should type the user name and password given on your purchased card.

  • Now, you can start browsing.

  • When time limit expires, you will be logged out automatically; however, your previous browsing will be available and can be loaded from the cache for a short time.

  • It is worth mentioning that you can track the time, if you add the pop-up window to your bookmarks on the equipment; it shows warning message when your time is due to expire.
    (source: Erika Karbach)