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Some novelties of our library

Dear Visitors,

We are glad to inform you that the website of our library is enriched with a few novelties. Hopefully, they will be as popular as the older services and functions available in the library system of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.

The aim of the development is to make a more modern portal which provide online information about the metropolitan public library system on a high level. It is up-to-date both in appearance and services.

The altered portal reflects the renewed image of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library. By changing the structure and reshuffling the available contents, the users can navigate and access to information easier on the whole portal and, at the same time, we have retained the useful and interesting functions and articles that were accessible for the users formerly. The reform of the structure and contents covers some popular service elements such as the information pages of our libraries and program calendar; the range of search ways are also expanded.

The library can provide the users with a wider range of electronic services and information by expanding the technical potentials of our website; the application of e-learning system and the video tutorials are included.
The aids (video tutorials) are enriched with audio content and subtitle in order to make the access to information easier for the visually impaired.
The management and the librarians turn stressed attention to the handicapped users; the applications atteched to the portal can be used by reading softwares, too.
All of our developments are made to help the widest range of remote users. Moreover, we make an emphasized effort to meet the requirements of the blind, the visually impaired and the deaf, the learning youth, people with disadvantages and those who are interested in music.

Service bar:
You can find a fixed service bar on the top of the Hungarian version of our website; it is available on all subsites. You can log in our homepage, put down your name for the renewed newsletters, search among our current services, search in the catalogue and the website as well as using book renewal.
Remote use: This part of the service bar involves the book renewal function which leads you to the renewal function of the catalogue. You should give the barcode of your library card and a password that is the month and day of your birth, generally.

The current subsites of the library are available by rolling down the right item of the bar under the logo and name of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library; it covers the following subsites: Site for children, Site for teens, 50+ (site for people above 50), Glean the articles from the subsite, Media knowledge, Knowledge Repository Express, Music repository of the multinational world (Folk music repository).

Rotated article references with pictures: 4 important articles are accessible directly from the main page.

About our libraries: The item „Könyvtáraink” of the subsite bar has a renewed search map. The information pages of the branches are accessible by fewer clicks than earlier; there is no grouping, for instance.

Besides sending comments to the „Forum”, you can write your opinion directly under several articles of the website.

You can put down your name for the renewed newsletters in the fixed service bar on the top of the Hungarian version of our website. Also, you can delete your name there.

The program calendar covers the events of the sites for children and adults. Clicking to the dates you can access to the current programs organized in our libraries.

Cloud of labels: The uploaded articles are labelled and put in thematic groups. You can find the articles of the same label easier by clicking to the label.
Detailed search can be done on the page of the set of hits after simple search. If you choose selecting factors besides search expression, you can find the required information easier.

Live search: While you are writing a search term on the page of detailed search, a list of selected words is rolling down that includes the typical words and expressions relative to the library; it facilitates searching.
You can get answers for several important questions while browsing the article Do You Have Any Questions?

Videotutorials: 10 shorts present how to use the library homepage and the catalogue.
Clean site: All the content of our website is accessible in a renewed clean form; http://akadalymentesitett.fszek.hu
The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is accessible on mobile phone. The proper version of the library website is http://m.fszek.hu which has been optimized to mobile phones.

The user’s profile has been enriched.
MediaWiki application makes possible for the registered users to upload an avatar (that is a picture representing a person on the internet), to have comments, upload some texts as well as audio and visual contents.
In addition, you can choose your favourite library.

Some informative and interesting library blogs are accessible through the main page as well as the site of the editor branch. They are the followings:
Old Pages ; 10+; Music Collection; I am not bored.

Our website has been enriched with Moodle e-Learning application; it helps us with making our educational activity more efficient.