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A writer - reader meeting with Judit Berg

Ez egy archív cikk, a benne szereplő információk a megjelenés idején
pontosak voltak, de mára elavultak lehetnek.

Our young readers are encouraged to come to a unique writer - reader meeting to be organized
in the Central Library
on 18th May.

Our guest will be Judit Berg, the mother of four children.
As the author of several children's books and as a teacher of Hungarian and English language and literature and a teacher of Drama, Judit Berg is quite familiar with cultural matters including the great field of children's literature. Her children inspire Judit Berg to create amusing stories; many of the stories are quite popular with Hungarian youth.

Now, the author would like to guide the readers in the wonderful world of the stories about Rumini and Grimy. Rumini is a daring cabin-boy, or rather cabin-mouse, on the fastest sailboat of Mouseland called Wind Queen. He does not like mopping the deck, which is his regular duty; he prefers having a nap, instead, dreaming about adventure.
Grimy is the three-year-old little boy, who is involved in some everyday adventures as well as unique experiences.

Here is the opportunity for you, dear children, to have a share in the stories.

More information about Judit Berg