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Contemporary and beloved - János Háy

The appreciated author visited the library of Ugocsa utca.

Dear Readers,

Last week you had a great opportunity to take part in a face-to-face conversation with János Háy, the famous contemporary writer.

As one of the most popular authors in contemporary Hungarian literature, János Háy has published more than 20 books. His works have been published in 14 languages.
He is an award-winning poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist.
Drawing, poetry, drama, prose: our guest leaves nothing to chance, not only writing but also illustrating his own books, right down to the covers, to make sure that everything is just as he imagines it.
Over the years, his dramas have met with great success and the versatile author has become a much sought-after writer for the theatre.

The Kid gave him recognition as one of the key prose writers of the younger generation.
The novel follows the life of its hero, who, born into a peasant village, goes off to study in the capital. At first his life seems full of promise, but later he returns to his native village and feels it as a failure for him.
Since Háy's roots – as he writes in his memoirs – took hold in pure folk soil, he really knows the main differences between living in the city and the country.
The work deals with the effects failure can have on one’s life and mental health.

Háy's plays, set among those living at the periphery of Hungarian society today, deal with ultimate questions about modern existence. His characters and situations are engaging and often heartbreakingly comic. The author's success lies in crossing international borders.

János Háy