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Do you need a key to the internet? Here it is.

Dear Readers,
Welcome to the Internet Room in Lőrinci Nagykönyvtár.

You have a new chance to participate in computer courses and practice with educational programmes and librarians.

Due to the improvement, modern computers and presentation appliances are available in the room of ten terminals.
During the education readers have permanent access to internet on other computers located out of the room.

Hundreds of readers have learned how to use the net; 80 courses have been held since 2003. (The series of courses were launched in the middle of 2003)
Fortunately, basic information are not enough for them; courses for advanced learners are made, as well.

Hopefully, new courses will be held in autumn and/or winter period.
The fee is 110 HUF for readers with membership cards; 220 HUF for registered visitors.

The librarians of the Library of Kelenföld also provide a new service for you.
If you have any question concerning computer skills;
how to use the word processor,
how to surf the internet,
how to contact other users,
how to create a mailbox, etc., you can consult with Márta Szulyovszky .
every other week on Tuesday, at 2.00 pm.

The management of the library has been committed to provide services of high quality to the readers.
It devotes time and energy as well as financial means to the trainings for the older generations.
The main goal is to help them to be well up in the digitalised world of the 21st century and communicate easier.