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P. Howard Detective Agency – Spotlight on literature, mystery and mission

Read, search and work together within the frame of the quiz series.

Dear Readers,
An exciting Hungarian literary quiz project is organized in remembrance of Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard by pen name) by the Library of Pestszentlőrinc and Library of Üllői út.
It is done for fifth-form – twelfth-form girls and boys in the next seven months.

The goals are to practise effective reading – to improve reading efficiency – while you could enjoy reading books, acquire new knowledge and improve interoperability.

New round month by month, from October 2014 to April 2015 – seven rounds in all.
The task of the teams of four is to read the literature on the subject, that is one of the given books of the month, and answer the questions concerning the books and the authors.
The literature covers works of contemporary juvenile fiction by some appreciated Hungarian writers, Jenő Rejtő is included, of course.

You have a special mission to achieve in each round; besides answering it is necessary to fulfil the unique task if you want the round to be accomplished.
It requires research relative to the mission in the library; hopefully, it will enlarge your library related knowledge and will improve your practice of community building.
Naturally, all kinds of assistance are provided by the librarians.

Jenő Rejtő was a famous Hungarian journalist, pulp fiction writer and playwright.
His works are variations on adventure or detective novels and parodies of these genres, characterized by a unique sense of grotesque, absurd humour. The characters of his stories are awkward, often loveable people who happen to be penniless wanderers, cheaters or soldiers in the Foreign Legion.
The author himself was a figure straight out of Rejtő novels. There are many anecdotes and urban legends about his life. Allegedly, the writer paid his coffees at the Café Japán by scribbling down a few lines; the waiter then took the „message” to his publisher just across the street, where he duly got his payment, tip included.