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Book-delivery service by the library

We are pleased to inform all the readers who need
the book-delivery service;
We take the book and other documents to you indeed.

To provide equality of cultural opportunities, the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library has developed the book-delivery service with the co-operation of different partner institutions (including the district branch libraries) for more than a decade.

Books, periodicals, talking books and other AV documents are taken to your home on demands.
The free document delivery service is made available to those who are house ridden temporarily or permanently (phisically handicapped or old; mothers with endangered pregnancy or people suffering from injuries from accidents).
The conditions of services can be ensured only in those libraries which have good co-operation with the local governments.
Besides the co-operation mentioned above, the major support is provided by the workers of local Social Services (documents are taken with the car of the service).
The list of participant libraries can be found on the website of the library; delivery is taken on from the branch that is the nearest one to your home.
As we consider personal contact quite important, certain home is visited by the same colleague again and again (if possible).
The book-delivery service was renewed in some of the branches within the last few months.
In 2014, nearly 22.000 documents were delivered to 800 readers, on demands.

You are encouraged to ask our librarians for help concerning relevant issues.

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