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Healthy way of life - lectures in the branch

An exciting lecture series on how to have a healthy way of life

Dear Readers,
All of us are interested in the complex topic of healthy life-way.
A relevant lecture series will be organized in our libraries in spring.
Károly Sonnleitner, an appreciated expert of various parts of the issue holds lectures and answers your questions.

Thinking and its influence on genes
The science of epigenetics introduced and presented by the lifestyle advisor

"I think, therefore I am"

Captive or free of food addiction?

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Previously, he held a unique lecture on the defending and self-healing mechanisms of the human organism
You got some useful pieces of information on the self-regenerative mechanism of our organism.

Diet and eating – „negative calorie effect”

The lecture was held on the controversial issue of negative-calorie food.
Allegedly, its thermic effect or specific dynamic action — the caloric „cost" of digesting the food — is greater than its food energy content.
In other words: „negative calorie effect” is based on the idea that the number of calories your body has to expend to chew, digest, metabolize and eliminate the food is more than it gains from the food itself.