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Book diver
A unique project in the branch

Book diver – a special game in the library

Dear Readers,
An exciting library quiz project was launched in Zsigmond Móricz Library in November last year.

It is done for pupils of primary school (for 6-10-year-olds).
Based on our experience (by feedback) we can say that pupils were / are eager to know library as information repository as much as possible.
There are simple test sheets that are in accordance with their knowledge level.
While solving the unique tests, the pupils can increase their library related knowledge:

  • they get acquainted with library milieu;

  • move between and around shelves easily and browse books,

  • feel good when they are in the library;

  • acquire basic skills in using library services; how to search for knowledge, relevant pieces of information and answers to the questions.

  • There is another project (P. Howard Detective Agency) for fifth-form – twelfth-form girls and boys.
    It focuses on a few works of contemporary juvenile fiction by some appreciated Hungarian writers, Jenő Rejtő is included.
    The goals of the project are to practise effective reading – to improve reading efficiency – while you could enjoy reading books, acquire new knowledge and improve interoperability.

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