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Literary adventures in the empire of muses
Famous loving couples in literature

Let's go on an adventurous journey in the empire of muses.

Everything starts now - Alaine Polcz and Miklós Mészöly

The program covered the lecture and informal discussion on the relationship between the two authors (they were married).
The writer and translator László Márton, who was the host, "guide" and conversationalist in the program, gave a colorful picture of what a great influence Alaine Polcz had on the life-work of Miklós Mészöly - owner of several awards -, who was the founder of Széchenyi Academy of Hungarian Writers and Artists.

The extensive presentation was supplemented - enriched, actually - with recitation and reading of some excerpts from the authors' works.
They were performed by two appreciated Hungarian artists: Katalin Takács, actress and László Görög, actor.

Location: Central Library, Reception Hall (Budapest, VIII. Reviczky Street 1.)
Date: March 31, 2015. (the week before Easter)

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There was a similar program in the first month of the year 2015.
Conjugate literary magic by a couple in the library
Welcome to the magical world of belles-lettres.

A unique interactive discussion was held with the versatile novelist György Dragomán; his novels and other writings are well-received among not only Hungarian people, but foreign readers as well.
His wife Anna Szabó T., who is an appreciated poet, spoke about their relation towards literature and how she had a great influence on her husband’s work.