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Club for Friends of Books in one of the branches

Spotlight on the works written by "cultural envoys".
Dear Readers,
You are kindly invited to the occasions of the literary programme series called the Club for Friends of Books.

The talk-show series, popular with both young and older readers, focuses on literature, books and culture in a wider context.
library of Ugocsa utca

Conversationalist: András Kemény, the manager of Papirusz Book kiadó (Publisher)

Our previous guest was Vilmos Csányi in February, 2015.
He is the famous expert of ethology, appreciated world-wide. He is a prominent personality in Hungarian research life who has written numerous scientific and popular scientific articles and books well-received all over the world.
His research covers animal and human behaviour focusing on the questions of biological and cultural evolution.

In April (April 27, 2015), Zsolt Győrei and Csaba Schlachtovszky will come to our branch library to speak about their friendship and common literary career.
The two auhors - Zsolt Győrei and Csaba Schlachtovszky - belong to the same age-group namely both of them were born in 1970. Moreover, they got acquainted in elementary school at the age of six, and since then they have had a strong influence on each other’s intellectual development.

One of the fruits of their common literary enterprise is a voluminous adventure novel – Emmuska.

Our next guest is the award-winning poet Ferenc Baranyi, owner of both Kossuth Prize and Attila József Prize.
1 June, 2015