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Exciting interactions with literary texts by author's / librarian’s assistance in the library

Reading is more than a self-entertaining, lonely pursuit; it has community building power.
Several opportunities are provided
  • to make use of the constructive power of reading, writing, literary lectures and discussions;

  • to improve and enrich your life by the beneficial effects of literature including short stories, novels and poems;

  • to make your mentality more colourful by reading and gaining more knowledge – have a wider intellectual horizon.

  • While reading, sometimes you stop and ponder over issues related to the stories and novels; printed sentences bring something to your memory (pictures, happenings of the past), raise a question or a problem, or you keep writing in mind concerning the author’s ideas and messages.
    On the other hand, you can „argue” with the poet, novelist or short story writer if your opinion, experience and thoughts differ from the author’s ones.
    Reading is an activity which can be considered as a time machine. It can take you back into the past or forward to future; it has no limit in space either.
    You can acquire information, improve your skills in numerous fields, you can entertain, relax and regenerate; reading can make your life better and more complete.