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The magic of music as a universal language

The management of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is committed to spreading music culture to all generations through as many ways as possible.
Besides providing relevant services, we offer a great variety of music related events including lectures, concerts and other unique interactive programs as well.

Choirs, solos, duets,
A great variety of musical instruments,
Talented participants,
Wonderful tunes, exciting events,
And something more;
Music galore…

Musical instruments galore...

About music - in another way
A journey around the skulls

The Budapest Bartók Choir gave a concert in the library of Pestlőrinc.
In addition to acapella works (Árpád Fasang: Palóc folk songs; Spiritual: Deep river; ABBA: Fernando), generally, the repertoire of the choir included oratorios, cantatas, and orchestra pieces such as:
J. S. Bach: Cantatas and Passions
Vivaldi: Gloria
Handel: Messiah
Haydn: The Creation and Seasons
Pergolesi: Stabat Mater
W.A. Mozart: Requiem and Mass in C minor

Beethoven: Choral Fantasy and Symphony IX
Ferenc Liszt: Coronation Mass, Ave Maris Stella and Salve Regina
Ferenc ErkeL. Wine Song and a music piece as part of the opera Elisabeth
Lightfoot: Jubilant Gloria
Mitchell Parish, Cliff Burwell: Lorraine
Lajos Bárdos: Star flower (Csillagvirág)
Zoltán Kodály: Te Deum of Buda Castle and Missa Brevis

The concert was conducted by Tamás Hornyák.

It covered mainly the works created by Hungarian composers, however, some foreign music pieces were also performed, additionally (Mitchell Parish, Cliff Burwell: Lorraine; Lightfoot: Jubilant Gloria etc.)

In the same branch, a unique library program was held by Andrea Darvassi.
Music Vision – An illustrated lecture on the reflection of Monet's and Lautrec's art in Debussy's work.
Andrea Darvassi is a librarian, pianist and music educationalist; she is a specialist of the fantastic music of Claude Debussy, the famous French composer.
The free programme was supplemented with classical music as an audio illustration.
Visual illustration was also provided to make the lecture more enjoyable.

From the palace of Sugár út to the Opera House
In May, the pianist Andrea Darvassi held a lecture on Ferenc Erkel.

By the way, pianist.
A unique piano recital was held in the Music Collection of the library on 8th June.
Three talented young pianists performed some masterpieces composed by world famous artists.
The program was organized within the frame of the Spring-board – from the Music Collection towards fame series.

Improvisation by the pianist János Nagy
He is not only a pianist but composer as well as teacher who participates in great music formations

Last month, he showed us "genre diversity” - by a brief presentation "illustrated" by piano music - and how borders of genres were "passed over".
/a great mixture of classical music, jazz and folk music/

Among other venues in Budapest, the nice little garden of the Music Collection also hosted ensembles who participated in the project of Night of Choirs; it was organized on 6th June.
Streets, squares and courtyards were turned into concert halls for a few hours through the power of human voices.
The main goal of the series of concerts during the Night of Choirs is to show the diversity of vocal music, and the tremendous power of singing together.

A similar but greater project in July

Last week, our readers had the opportunity to go to a unique music event which was held in the Library of Budafok.
The library located in the 22nd district offered a colorful bunch of songs performed in Esperanto language.
The wonderful pieces were sung by the appreciated singer Anjo Amika.
Anna Bartek – Anjo Amika – is an expert of Esperanto culture.
She is one of the leaders of the Hungarian Esperanto Association.
The universal language carried by Anjo's high gliding voice invites us to share her "Bela revo" (Beautiful dream) of a world free from misunderstanding that is so often the basic cause of many miseries.