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The joy of creative activities in the library

Handicraft series and something more in our library network

Create, fabricate and feel great.
Improve your skills in handicrafting in a playful way.

Do not be bored with yourself
In the city;
Come and use your creativity.
Improve your mind, entertain in diverse ways;
Exciting events, colourful Fridays...
Discover ages, take part in handicrafting,
Have a nice time by face-painting
And other kinds of amusement…
Dear Child - skilful and ardent -
With a deft hand,
Create or fabricate,
In the marvellous land
Called Handicraft Haven,
Tale characters, like the fox and the raven,
Unique objects and favourite personalities…
Welcome to our libraries.

Dear Readers,
Welcome to our special fabricating workshop in the library of Boráros tér.

If you like tinkering and pebble-painting alone or with your friends using your hands and creativity, there is a great opportunity to participate in the programs of the Fabricating Workshop, where
  • you can make a brand new object,
  • you can repair something that went wrong,
  • you can transform something old into a better new one.

On 26 February, young visitors have the opportunity to make some special masks that they can wear in the library and in the street as well as at home.
In general, assistance, tools and materials are provided in the library; however, you can take your ones.
Assistance by librarians is provided on demand.

Deft hands and time travel -- programs in the Library of Bíró Mihály utca

The programs cover
Creative Corner,
Handicraft Snug,
Club of time travel and
The special game club
Who will laugh at the end...

In February, the Club of time travel highlights carnivals; you can make unique costumes and masks in Handicraft Snug in the middle of February, preparing for the great time of carnivals.

February, 2016:
Handicrafting Wednesdays in the library of Pestszentlőrinc

Welcome to Zsigmond Móricz Library.
What we offer in 2016, every
month, on Fridays:
creative activities
including nice stories
and fabricating – DIY – minutes or rather hours;
The materials are yours,
the products and experiences are ours
and yours, of course.

In the first half of February , you can make carnival masks.

Fun on Fridays in the branch