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A great cocoa party with Péter Nyulász

Dear Readers,

Our guest was Péter Nyulász, the versatile Hungarian author (and editor) in the library of Mosoly utca in Angyalföld (13th district)
on 11th February, 2016.

The program was organized within the frame of Contemporary and beloved project.

Amusing Riddles
Written in verse;
Rhymes and rhythms
That can be memorized easily
In and out of the family;
Useful pieces of information
About human environment
And some types of transportation…
An exciting library event
That entertain and teach us;
Puzzling verses by Péter Nyulász
Related to fauna… …and nature;
A unique cultural adventure
On 11th February, this year;
I hope, You enjoyed the program here.

Péter Nyulász is an expert in the field of juvenile literature. He is the editor and author as well as the communications leader of a popular cultural family website.
Come With Us To Budapest is an educational folding book for children. It was published not only in Hungarian but in English, as well, to deepen the knowledge of foreign children of the Hungarian capital in a playful way.

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Another well-received book by the author:
Helka – The legend of Lake Balaton
You probably remember the Greek myths better than the story of Helka és Kelén; it belongs to the collection of the Hungarian myths and legends.
Péter Nyulász tells us their story; he speaks about the mythical beings that lived at Lake Balaton; he tells us how the wonderful natural resources were developed „by the hands of the beings” populated the region.

During and after the program you can talk with the author and put questions to him.