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Oh, those wonderful animals!
Ágnes Telegdi visited the library

Within the frame of the campaign Contemporary and beloved you had the opportunity to meet the author in Sándor Márai Library on 18th February.
It was an interactive story related program including tales, projecting and something more.
The appreciated author guided readers in the wonderful world of animals through tales – fabulous true stories related to their lives and relations to people. Her program also covered projection of amazing slides - wonderful pictures that showed the beauty of nature and animals living there.

Ágnes Telegdi is the creator of the popular story figure Barnabás Bear
/The protagonist of her popular series of tale books is Barnabás, the cheerful, kind and naughty bruin, who lives with his parents, twin sisters and younger brother. Each book tells a separate story from his aspect, through his eyes.
Some of the adventures are real, some of them were written to young readers to be amused by the stories. The main viewpoint considered by the author was to write tales that have familiar atmosphere full of love and harmony.
Something interesting always happens to the children (bruins) in the family. The main point is to finish the adventures well before going to bed. All's well that ends well.
Reading the tales, children can enter into the story, into the world of the bears. It is helped by nice illustrations./

Actually, the writer Ágnes Telegdi is a returning guest in the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library; her programs are always well received.