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Spotlight on slam poetry
Márton Simon visited the library

The artist guided us in the magic world of slam poetry.

Dear Readers,

The previous event of Contemporary and beloved campaign – an exciting project to popularize contemporary Hungarian literature - was quite well-received.

The venue of the unique lyrical program was the Library of Kőbánya.

Our guest was Márton Simon, who is appreciated as a talented poet, freelance translator and slam poetry performer – a versatile artist who is quite popular with all those who are interested in this sort of literature.
As a prominent representative of slam poetry in Hungary, he is a recognized character who has several works of high quality – well-received both nationwide and internationally as well.
Besides performing poetical works (not only in Hungary but in Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Transylvania and in Brussels, among other venues for performances), he has organized slam poetry workshops, poetry readings and other poetry related programs recently.
In addition, he published some collections of poems; two of them are „Songs from the Mezzanine” (2010) and ‘Polaroids’ 2013. Moreover, he participated in a few contests and won some of them within the past few years.

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