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Study in the UK

Reception Hall; Central Library -- 13 January, 2017, 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Dear Readers,

The next event of the unique education related programme series organized by the British Council, the Milestone Institute and the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library will be held in the Reception Hall of the Central Library (1088 Budapest Reviczky u. 1.; phone:(+36-1) 411-5000)
on 13th January, 2017, 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm.

As the management of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library consider different information materials on studying abroad quite important and librarians want to present several possibilities in order to encourage students to seize the opportunity, go abroad, study in the UK (and other countries) and come home with the acquired knowledge, several programmes have been organized within the frame of the series.
The events cover short lectures by competent people -- associates of the staff of British Council and Milestone Institute.

In addition, Hungarian students studying in the UK will give accounts of their experiences. You can gain some ideas on how to take advantage of British learning conditions. They can inform you authentically of the prospects for studying in the UK and the British education system as well as some facilities provided by the schools -- colleges and universities.
Besides listening to the lectures, you can put your questions to the lecturers.