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Society and way of life – everyday presence of the mind of society

Recollection of the great days and heroes

To pay tribute of respect to the heroes of the days by posterity with national consensus

Joined educational lectures and exhibitions with film projecting are offered to library visitors in commemoration of the revolution and fight for freedom in 1956.
The program series is supported by the Memorial Commission established for the 60th anniversary of the revolution and fight for freedom of 1956.

The events of the days are evoked by taking citizens (local population) into the colorful bunch of programmes organized by and in the libraries in honour of the participants of the revolution and fight for freedom of 1956.
The aim of the series covering lectures and conversations, exhibitions and film projecting is
    • to show the actual face of the 1950s,

    • to evoke circumstances of the era,

    • to present true picture of the world including physical reality and the milieu of the age,

    • including built surroundings and spaces of everyday life such as flats, streets, shops, bars – places that older people had an experience of, however, „Y” és „Z” generations are informed about through films and stories.

    It is confirmed in scientific ways that you can acquire a great deal of information about an era by the observation of everyday life.
    /The programmes are organized and offered to all age-groups./

    Consuming and society in the era of the 1950s