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Family Saturdays in the spirit of entertainment

A great opportunity to be adroit and creative;
fabulous moments, amusing and interactive
stories in 15 minutes and a puppet show
On Saturday (12 November), so let’s go
to Kassák Library.
Several programmes are offered
to the members of the family.
An exciting travelogue with projection;
Move your hands and feet,
„swing into action”!
You can have a seat
And listen to the songs,
From opera to famous music pieces
played in films, performed by choirs;
A kind of entertainment that pleases
to all who have „quick ears”.

19 November:
International Games Day;
Recreate in a great way.

Thrown dice, rolling dice...
Dear Girls and Guys,
Go to the branch of Üllői út,
And other branches,
By car, by bus or on foot.
You're invited to game parties
Organized in the libraries.
The programmes will be funny and nice;
The indoor games and the dice
will be provided on the spot.
If you are lonely or not,
You are encouraged to participate
With your sister, alone or with your class-mate
In the playful programme series.
You don't need to be genious;
If you like playing games, it's enough;
Please come and you will laugh,
And enjoy the friendly atmosphere;
Welcome to the game party (there and here).