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Conversation, reading, dedication - György Spiró in the branch library

Ez egy archív cikk, a benne szereplő információk a megjelenés idején
pontosak voltak, de mára elavultak lehetnek.

Readers can get closer to authors and their works.

The next programmes of Conversation, reading, dedication series will be held in the coming weeks.
This week György Spiró is going to Gyula Krúdy Library.

As an appreciated dramatist, novelist and essayist, Spiró has several works well-received by both the readers and the audience of the theaters.
He is considered as one of the most prominent literary figures in post-war Hungary.
The author's earlier works avoided raising Jewish themes, however, in his famous novel Captivity (published in 2005) Spiró returns to his ancestral roots.
His plays have won numerous awards; the best known one is Chickenhead (1986).

His avant-garde style, unique in a way, depicting coarse language and characters over the measure of respectability, often shocked some traditional Hungarian critics. However, his versatility in the field of literature is undoubted.