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Bibliotherapy in the Central Library in January

Medicine for the Soul (inscription at Library of Thebes)

To develop personality and improve quality of life

The last two programmes of the bibliotherapy series (that is held in the Central Library) focused on the power of love and dreams.
Struggle for the victory of love over the inhumanity of wars.
Instead of killing the sleeping Russian soldier a little craved cradle changed hands on the front line by soldiers belonging to hostile armies.
This is the main line of the short story by Zsigmond Móricz, highlighting a moving moment of World War I.
On the second Thursday of December, we realised that clear-out emotions rooted on love and clear thoughts were (and are) the base of a conversation full of hope - hope for a better and more humane world.

While dreaming, thoughts, feelings, sounds and images are forming; they inform you about the processes running in your inner world.
Two days before Christmas, an Azerbaijani folk-tale was the subject of the discussion focusing on inner processes by dreams.

In 2017, the first programme of the bibliotherapeutic series gives us an exciting start in the new year.
Date: 12 January, 5.00 pm

To brace up to do something challenging, namely ten steps. It does not seem to be so strenuous at first, however, each of the steps in the poem by Sándor Weöres is a test of strength. Well, we are going to discuss why.
New year, new possibilities, new challenges, new trials of strength...

Sándor Weöres: Ten Steps (To Entirety)

Scatter your treasures – richness shall be yourself.
Crumble your ornaments – beauty shall be yourself.
Forget about your fun – joy shall be yourself.
Burn your books – wisdom shall be yourself.
Waste your muscles – strength shall be yourself.
Put out your flames – love shall be yourself.
Banish your compassion – goodness shall be yourself.
Destroy your suppositions – belief shall be yourself.
Break through your obstacles – the world shall be yourself.
Compare your life and death – entirety shall be yourself.
(Translations from Hungarian: Garai, Dóra Roberta)

Bibliotherapy is a quite old concept in library science; the ancient societies were convinced that literature was psychologically and spiritually important.
The concept is based on the idea that you can use reading as an ameliorative adjunct to different therapies.
The tradition is maintained and continued, fortunately.
The literary events are held in Hungarian and there is no translation because of the kind of the programme; it is a semi-formal series with the participants' questions, comments and discussions.
If you participate in the programmes of the series with an open-hearted attitude, you can use literature to have a look at your real thoughts and feelings, your inner world and its hidden corners.
The programmes are held by Ildikó Sóron, librarian and bibliotherapist, in Hungarian.

26 January, 5.00 pm - Leo Tolstoy: The Candle

Serious moral issues will be discussed -- struggle between the good and evil, and deeper analysis by the participants, based on the short story.