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Young talents and experienced masters of musical instruments in the Music Collection

Young talents in the Music Collection

Dear Readers,
You are kindly invited to visit a few concerts given by young pianists and violinists, organized by the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.

20 January, 6.00 pm:
A unique piano concert by Yuki Taniguchi. Now, the young pianist participates in master studies available by the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme.

2 February; 6.00 pm:
Time travel - Miranda Liu, Ayumu Yamanaka and Míra Nagy
The talented Japanese pianist Ayumu Yamanaka, born in 1988, completed the bachelor and master degrees at Tokyo University of Arts. After the graduation, he started to study at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest as a scholarship student of Stipendium Hungaricum offered by the Hungarian government. Now, he is studying as the piano soloist program student.
Mr. Yamanaka is invited to many concerts as a guest pianist, a chamber player, or an accompanist not only in Japan, but (nowadays) in Hungary as well.

The pianist Míra Nagy who has several years of chamber music behind her. Besides Vienna, she presents music performance in Berlin and Budapest, too. She has already given evening sonata concerts at the Hungarian Music Academy and at the Bertalan Székely Hall of the Opera in Budapest. She was appreciated by some prizes given to her for her skills (and diligence).

On 27th January, 6.00pm, Ferenc Kerek, DLA pianist, head of the Faculty of Music of the Szeged University (head of the Szeged Section) gives a piano concert. He does not belong to the group of young talents; he is an appreciated musician who nurtures musical talent (besides playing the piano). In addition, he and his colleagues provide performance opportunity to the most worthy musicians by competitions and other programmes.