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  • Book renewal - If you click to "Patron Data" of the Catalogue, after logging in, you can get information on the libraries and the documents you borrowed from them.

  • The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library on mobile phone - http://m.fszek.hu/; optimized to mobile phones. (Only in Hungarian.)

  • The list of the databases developed by the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library and the databases subscribed to by the libraries. (Hungarian, English or German)

  • Thematic subsites developed for children, teens and other groups (Site for children, Site for teens, 50+ that is the site for people above 50, Glean from the subsite, Media knowledge, Music repository of various nations

  • Video tutorials: how to use the library homepage and the catalogue. (10 shorts only in Hungarian.)

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ; Detailed guide