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Dear Readers,

Welcome You to the website of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.
The actualities of our changing world require that you should acquire new pieces of information, deepen and augment our knowledge or just relax. All who take part in cultural transmission, either institutions or specialists, are devoted to inform you as quickly and genuinely as possible and to be skilled, as well.
The functions of the bibliotheque have been transformed lately. They were expanded in the last decade. The readers’ expectations and users’ requirements are changing; the library means to meet the new expectations by steady renewal and a development plan tenable for a few years.
The library of the capital has provided the public living in or visit Budapest with its services for more than a century. The reconstruction and enlargement of the Central Library (1998-2001) was a turning point in the last one and a half decades. From 2002 up to the present, two strategic plans have been made and are under execution by our institution. The projects cover building 10 new libraries and 29 reconstructions.
Nowadays, the modern bibliotheque is expected to have the traditional function of the library along with the potentials of a virtual information center.
The infrastructure of information technology was developed in our branch library system up to 2004. Continuous modernization of the branches, completing the computer network, further development of services, effective and rational utilization of the resources are all integral parts of our plans. The trained members of the library staff intend to give several quality services, create cultural surroundings, where various forms of knowledge acquisition are available for the visitors.
We make an effort to face new challenges of the cultural market competition by new initiatives in the continuous changes and harder economic conditions of the second decade of the 21st century.
WIFI service is available in the Central Library and 12 branches; so, you have the possibility to surf the internet without our computers, using your own laptop. You can access to several databases, too.
We would like to meet the requirements of children as well as the older age-groups by organising various colourful programs. You are encouraged to visit the library network of the capital; welcome to the branches of all districts.
Please, help our work with your comments and suggestions to fulfil our duties more effectively for your satisfaction.

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