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Appendix No. 6

Use on the premise
Membership fees
Loan fees
Overdue charges
Reprographic services
Notice fees
Information service
Collective and individual library visit in the Central Library
Damages and extra costs of procedures in the cloak-room

I. Use on the premise

A.) Registration card for natural persons and legal persons
Free of charge/12 months
B.) Administration fee for registration reader's card (not a membership card)
HUF 200/12 months
C.) Use of computers
a.) Use of the documents concerning the library on local network and on websites previously settled by the library
Free of charge
b.) Surfing on the Net and other kinds of use of the computers selected for the visually impaired
c.) Reduced Internet use
HUF 120/hour
d.) WiFi use by own device; specific codes for individuals who are readers with membership cards, in designated libraries
free of charge
e.) WiFi use by own device; specific codes for individuals who are (only) registered readers
HUF 120/hour
f.) Other use
HUF 120/half an hour

II. Membership fees

AA. Membership fee for natural persons regardless of the actual period of use

A.) Central Library
HUF 6100/12 months
HUF 4400/6 months
HUF 2800/3 months
B.) Branch libraries :
category I and II
HUF 4400/12 months
HUF 3300/6 months
HUF 2100/3 months
category III HUF 2500/12 months
HUF 1700/6 months
HUF 1000/3 months
C.) Simultaneous use of all the libraries in the system/network

HUF 9000/12 months
HUF 6200/6 months
Information on membership fees to the branch libraries for a year can be found in the 5th coloumn of Appendix No.1.

B. Membership fees for legal persons are the treble of membership fees to the branch libraries, regardless of the actual period of use.

C. Fees per user for complex library services provided on the basis of contracts are equal to the simultaneous use of all the libraries in the system/network. Statutory discounts for users have to be taken into consideration at feeing.

D. Replacement fee of a lost library membership card or a registration card or a free Wifi code is HUF 600.

III. Loan fees

- Readers can borrow up to 18 items of the various types of documents from the library at the same time.
- The due date must be on a workday regardless of the loan period.
- Each started calendar workday counts as a loan day. (Except for national holidays and the days when the library is closed, determined by the management, published on the library website.)

Types of documents
Number of items
A.)Books, bound periodicals
free of charge/4 weeks
free of charge/2 weeks
C.)Instructional package

HUF 500/4 weeks
D.)Daily newspapers, weeklies, copies of periodicals

10 pieces
free of charge/week
free of charge/4 weeks
F.)Interlibrary loan among the branch libraries

HUF 500/item
G.) Interlibrary loan
HUF 1500/package
H.) Records and tapes containing music and prose; language teaching CDs, tapes

HUF 100 /week
HUF 200/disc/week
Disc for installation
free of charge/week
J.) DVDs
HUF 400/disc/week
K.) CDs (music and prose)

HUF 400/disc/week

L.) Videotapes
HUF 100/item/week
M.) Talking books (CDs)
free of charge/2 weeks for people with serious disabilities
HUF 300/disc/2 weeks for other people
N.) Talking books (tapes)
free of charge/4weeks
O.) Slides
6 items
free of charge/2 weeks
P.) Graphics
HUF 420/item/3 months
Q.) Borrowing CD-player and tape-recorder only with documents for people with the certificate proving serious disabilities
free of charge/2 weeks
R.) Fee of notice and procedure of reservation by phone, by post or by e-mail
HUF 300/item

IV. Compensation

A. It depends on the number of borrowing if CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, videotapes, records or tapes are borrowed.

Number of loans
Percentage of current price
1- 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 50
51 - 60
61 - 70
71 - 80
81 - 90
above 90

B. Compensation for books, periodicals, scores, slides, graphics, talking books is the purchase price if the document can be purchased again. If not, then you should pay for the copy, bounding, repairing besides the assessed value.
In the case of instructional packages the compensation fee is the (total) amount of the prices of the documents.
Compensation will not be returned if the document (which has already been compensated) is found.

C. Fee of compensation is HUF 600/ item.

V. Overdue charges

A.) Books, scores
HUF 46/volume or piece/calendar day
B.) Journals, slides
HUF 44/calendar day
C.) Instructional package
HUF 44/calendar day
D.) Talking books (CDs and tapes)
HUF 44/item/calendar day
E.) CDs (music and prose), CD-ROMs, videotapes
HUF 50/day
F.) DVDs
HUF 220/day
G.) Records and tapes (music; prose)
HUF 50/day
H.) CD-player and tape-recorder
HUF 70/calendar day
Overdue charges and the notice fee should be paid by everyone regardless of any discount.

VI. Reprographic services

A.) Use of copier (with card or with coins; self-service)
black and white;
HUF 30 /page
HUF 40/page
B.)Photocopying on request
black and white
HUF 45/page
HUF 55/page
C.) Fee of photography is determined by the enterpriser who takes it
D.)Paper copy of microfilm
HUF 130/page
E.) Printing on computer
A/4 black and white text
HUF 60/page
colour text
HUF 270/page
picture in black and white(the picture of the printed surface is at least 50%)
HUF 200/page
colour picture (the picture of the printed surface is at least 50% !)
HUF 300/page
A/3 text in black and white
HUF 110/page
colour text
HUF 400/page
black and white picture (the picture of the printed surface is at least 50%)
HUF 400/page
colour print (the picture of the printed surface is at least 50%)
HUF 600/page
braille printing up to 15 sheets
free of charge
each of other sheets
HUF 5/page
F.)Microfilm scanner
HUF 150/file + fee of computer use
G.) Scanning
1.)For public use
scanning from the picture database - available in Budapest Picture Archive HUF 800/picture
new picture in disintegration and file-format on the customer's request (photo, poster, graphics, map, etc)
HUF 1250/picture
other documents (book, book illustration, article)
HUF 420/page
2.)For private use
scanning from the picture collection of Budapest Picture Archive published on the internet free of charge
other documents (book, book illustration, article)
HUF 200/page
As the service by National Supplying System
HUF 80/page
H.) sending of scanned file
on data carriers (CD, DVD)
HUF 300/picture + 900 (the fee of the carrier + postal charges)
I.) Photocopying with an own device (photo ticket)
HUF 700/day
J.) Lamination (A4); only in the library of Dagály utca
HUF 200/page
K.) Plastic spiral binding; only in the library of Király utca
HUF 500
L.) Chipcard for copying and for internet use
HUF 300

VII. Fee for public use

By individual arrangement (see point 4.6.c)

VIII. Information service

A.) General information
Free of charge
A.) Literature researches
By individual agreement
A.) Other data services by the library
By individual agreement

IX. Fees of guidance of groups or individuals in the Central Library

Professional visit of librarians, groups of students and rheir teachers free of charge
for the heavily deficient free of charge
For students under and above 16, pensioners, (people with child-care benefit, and those who receive regular social security benefits) HUF 200/head
for adults in groups HUF 1000/head
Individual tourist ticket without guidance HUF 800/head
guidance in a foreign language HUF 1500/head

X. Damages and extra costs of procedures in the cloak-room:

compensation and procedure fees of lost and damaged tickets and locker keys HUF 2100
opening the lockers HUF 1200

The fees include value added tax and should be paid in advance.